Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale ( Tag Sale ) ?

The term Estate Sale (Tag Sale) refers to the sale of personal property, i.e., furniture, appliances, china, books, linens, etc. It differs from a garage sale in that it involves the entire or part of the contents of a household and that it is held inside the home. Such a sale may be needed after downsizing, moving from your current home, or any other lifestyle change. We know the process of sorting out the accumulated contents of a home can be an overwhelming task. The least stressful alternative is to call On The Spot Estate Services, and we are here to help you during the entire process.

What is our Pricing Knowledge ?

Our team has expertise in a number of fields including, but no limited, to: Antique, Vintage, Ancestry, Modern & Contemporary Furnishings; Pottery, Porcelain & Glassware; Fine China; Books & Manuscripts; Gold, Silver, Coins, Sterling; Costume & Well-Crafted Jewelry; Old Toys; Sentimental and Unusual Paintings, Photographs & Prints; Military Items; Cars; Clothing; Handbags; and more. If there is an item in your estate that we do not have experience with, we then refer to our vast network of resources and specialists. We can assure you that we have the experience to accurately determine fair-market value of most anything you have.

What to Keep and What not to Keep ?

We always advise clients NOT TO THROW ANYTHING AWAY until they’ve met with us. Heed the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  All common household goods, pots & pans, linens, old ephemera (things normally with short life), garage items – almost EVERYTHING in a home can bring in revenue. We always encourage the family to keep anything of sentimental value. Our objective is to upcycle as much as we can and to avoid adding to landfills.

Why Hire Us ?  

We are uniquely qualified to help solve your challenges and accomplish your goals. We do so professionally, honestly, promptly, and successfully. We have experience with both buyers and sellers, so we know how to handle each unique situation with great care.  Dealing with professionals relieves you of much of the stress associated with liquidating an estate.

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